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Therapy Offered. One to One Psychotherapy

Therapeutic Interventions

One to one counselling/psychotherapy can take many forms, along with talking therapies, at times the right words can not be found to express the emotion. I offer clients alternative ways to express themselves; this can be done via art, music, acting or play

Counselling, Psychotherapy and EMDR sessions are only being delivered on line durning this COVID-19 pandemic. You can receive therapy via Skype, ZOOM or the phone, the choice is yours.

If your relationship is in crisis? Couple Counselling is a vehicle to help make positive change. I provide a caring, supportive environment for you to work through the challenges your both facing

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a way of processing traumatic or disturbing memories using rapid eye movements (similar to those we experience in deep sleep). In trauma an experience may not be processed by the brain so that it can feel like it is happening now. Using EMDR the memory is not lost but is processed so that the current distress is reduced. It is not a form of hypnotism. You are conscious and in control at all times. You are not required to go into detail about what happened in order to process the memory. For information on how it works "feel free to watch this animation video"

The goal of Gestalt therapy is for the client to be working together with the therapist to increase personal awareness of how unfinished business in the past is still effecting them in the here and now. Actively challenging the roadblocks that have been getting in the way of healing until now.

Within the MOJ setting I have delivered Anger Management, Managing Emotions & Drug Rehabilitation groups. Within the community I deliver cultural specific groups to empower women

A form of psychotherapy that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the needs of the individual client. The aim of integrative therapy is to help you explore what is causing you problems in life and to create a bespoke program to help you begin to approach life in a more open and productive way.

This is convenient if your lifestyle involves shifts, long journeys to keep appointments, care arrangements for others or frequent travel. It may also help if you find it difficult to speak about your problems in the room. Online counselling takes place over the phone or internet. We can arrange meeting via Skype

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